Welcome to the Transmedia Storytelling Berlin community, Matthias! He is a Berlin based cameraman and parttime-producer and you may get to know him at our October TMSB Meet & Eat on next Saturday.

Describe yourself in less than 140 characters:

cameraman and parttime-producer. bread and butter jobs for german tv. independent doc projects.

Who are you and why are you a transmedia storyteller?

i’m preparing to realize my first webdoc about the case of a massacre on 130 italian slave labourers in april 1945 nearby berlin. the project will be realized in collaboration with some major german institutions and hopefully with a bigger media partner as well.

What are the main features that depict a transmedia storytelling project from your point of view?

soon to come

Did your work change within the last years?

it is only now

Are/Were there any obstacles yet that you’d wish to find some others to help you with?

soon to come

What kind of contacts would be helpful for you to find? Why?

our webdoc is already partially financed, but we still need a decent sum of funding. we’re a team of filmmakers, producers and historians. we know a lot about filmmaking but merely nothing about programming, webdesign and interactive storytelling.

How to get in contact with Matthias Neumann:

Lausitzer str. 10
Aufgang b / 4. Etage
10999 Berlin

Web: http://www.videowerkstatt.de
E-Mail: imidok (at) videowerkstatt (dot) de