StoryFusion is a meetup and forum for all storytellers, focussing on new storytelling techniques as well as the overlap between storytelling and new technology. The meetups are free and open to all. We would like to ask you to register beforehand.

“We” in this case, is the current team organizing the meetups and maintaining the StoryFusion website, consisting of Chris, Doro, Julian and Philipp.
We are four experienced, Berlin-based storytellers who wanted to create and maintain a forum for like-minded collegues and those curious in such works. As such StoryFusion has always been non-profit and open to all since its inception.

Looking back on 8 years of history, StoryFusion was founded in 2011 under the name “Transmedia Storytelling Berlin” (TMSB) by our friend Patrick Möller. He aimed to create a forum for those interested in the budding transmedia movement and began with a series of casual meetups. Working diligently Patrick began to turn these into a series of panels featuring international guests and speakers. [While Patrick is currently not a member of the organizing team anymore, he is still supporting us from behind the scenes.]

As the focus and the team grew over the years, we chose a new name – StoryFusion – in 2017, coinciding with a new format and a new venue.

While we are still very much interested in transmedia storytelling, we wanted StoryFusion to be a space where all kinds of new storytelling techniques could be discussed and explored: Transmedia, social media storytelling, narrative design or storytelling in games, apps and art,…

Our usual meetups consist of a presentation from a storyteller, followed by a Q&A session and finally a casual get-together where the participants can talk with those who presented their work and/or with each other.

Our current venue is the Microsoft Digital Eatery in the heart of Berlin. While we are not affiliated with Microsoft, we are very grateful to the company for allowing us to use the Eatery for our meetups.

New meetups will be announced on our website or on

See you there!
Chris, Doro, Julian, Philipp