Our latest episode of the StoryFusion podcast has a look – not a single work – at the entire new genre of chatfiction.
Chatfiction emerged with the rise of mobile apps such as Hooked and Tap. Aimed at young audiences, chatfiction presents fiction in the form of chats, akin to messaging apps.

We discuss three chatfiction stories, “The Resistance”, “Call from the future” and “Sext operator” and discuss how this kind of literature works, where it may come from and what its future may be.

CW: Sexual content is mentioned

In most cases, in chatfiction you have a real-time events. Something that you witness as a reader.

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What is chatfiction?

1:00 Intro: What is Chatfiction?

2:45 “The Resistance”

4:45 Analysis and interpretation of “The Resistance”

7:30 The platforms for chatfiction (Hooked, Tap,…)

Where does chatfiction fit in?

14:20 The connection to games

18:40 The target audience

20:45 “Grip lit” and other related forms of literature

25:00 “Call from the future”

A shift in direction and the future of the format

33:00 The shift towards romance

35:45 “Sext operator” by Gina Maxwell

43:10 Chatfiction, a misunderstanding?

48:45 Interactivity, chatbots and the future of chatfiction


54:40 Doro’s recommendation: “A normal lost phone” by Accidental Queens

56:00 Philipp’s recommendation: “Emily is away” by Kyle Seeley

Further Reading


Our title song is “Witchcraft” from “Go fly a kite” (General Electric)