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StoryFusion Podcast 04: Ladykiller in a bind

Episode 4 of the StoryFusion podcast explores the visual novel “Ladykiller in a bind”, a tale of power, control, sex and capitalism. We talk about arousal, game mechanics, copy editing and obscure French writers.

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StoryFusion Podcast 01: Han Kang – The Vegetarian

Episode 1 of the StoryFusion podcast, featuring the novel “The Vegetarian” by Han Kang, winner of the Man Booker prize 2016. Fascinated by the dark and disturbing tale of a woman turning her whole life upside down, we try to analyse its symbolism and its motives.

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StoryFusion Podcast 00: What’s it about?

Welcome storytellers! This is your podcast!
In each episode of our new podcast, Doro and Philipp from the StoryFusion team will pick one work – whether it is a film, a book, a game, an app or some cross-media/transmedia thing and dig deep into it.

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