Thank you for considering to give a talk at the StoryFusion meetup!

Here are some information about us and our meetings.


StoryFusion is headed by a team of (currently) four people working in different areas of storytelling. We organize the meetups in our free time and with limited resources, but lots of enthusiasm for our trade and craft ?

Together – with your support! – we aim to explore the space where storytelling and technology interconnect.


It is the goal of our meetups is to bring people together: Storytellers, technologists, developers, creators from other trades, as well as students and enthusiasts who are working with stories in one capacity or other. We want to provide them a chance to meet with each other and to learn from our speakers.

We would like you to share your experiences, your learnings and maybe lessons you discovered along the way with a passionate audience.


We are currently using the Microsoft Digital Eatery, which is located in a prominent spot in central Berlin (Unter den Linden 17). Though the location is owned by Microsoft, we are not affiliated with the company, we are just taking advantage of their generous offer to host groups interested in digital culture such as ours.


At the moment, we meet at 7:30pm, the presentation starts at 8:00pm and the location closes at 10pm sharp.

Our meetups are a hybrid format which consists of two parts:

1. A talk/presentation by our speaker, preferably including a Q&A
2. An informal get-together in the same location, a chance to mingle and discuss the topics of the event

In order to give both parts an equal amount of time, we encourage our speakers to consider a speaking time of about 30-40 minutes with an additional 20 minutes for questions from the audience.

These times are somewhat flexible and we strongly encourage you to inform us if your talk or presentation requires a different allocation of time and resources.


Our prefered language is English, though German is also possible. Please informs us beforehand about your personal preferences.

The location offers possibilities to show video, audio from a massive screen. Streaming from websites such as Youtube is also possible. A sound system is also available, but has not been necessary very often thus far.

If you require or prefer a specific setup, please let us know.


Please contact members of the StoryFusion team if you have any further questions or require assistance.

Thank you! ?

Chris, Doro, Julian, Philipp
The StoryFusion team