“Could Artificial Intelligence be storytelling’s future?”
That’s what IndieWire thought after experiencing “Frankenstein A.I.” at New Frontier // Sundance Film festival in February 2018.

We’re very happy to host an evening with Rachel Ginsberg from the Digital Storytelling Lab at Columbia University where “Frankenstein A.I.” was developed. Rachel will tell us about the project itself, her work on it and about the Digital Storytelling Lab.

She is a multidisciplinary strategist who designs “frameworks merging storytelling, education, collaborative practice, and emerging technology, used to address pressing global challenges” at the Digital Storytelling Lab. “She supports the Lab in transforming prototypes into methodologies suitable to be deployed by changemakers and practitioners all over the world. In addition, she supports strategic direction for DSL digital adaptations and prototypes, such as Sherlock Holmes and the Internet of Things, and Frankenstein AI, and the Empathy Lab”.

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See you there!
Chris, Doro, Julian, Patrick and Philipp


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