Today we are very happy to say hello to Selim Pekin Güngör, who is going introduce himself to our community with his answers to our questions in this article. Connect with him, talk to him and make some great projects with him. And don’t forget to tell us, your community, about those projects!

Describe yourself in less than 140 characters:

I’m developing creative comms strategies for the world’s leading youth media company VICE with strong focus on millennial passion points.

Who are you and why are you a transmedia storyteller?

I’m a creative person with great interest in narratology and brand storytelling with a strong background in developing traditional as well as digital narratives in different media industries.

I’ve participated in several international talent campuses and development schemes at festivals such as the Berlinale, Sarajevo, Clermont-Ferrand, Moscow and Edinburgh.

What are the main features that depict a transmedia storytelling project from your point of view?

Hard to say what “a ususal” transmedia storytelling project, we all know the standard definition (jenkins et al), but for the sake of the argument, I think the audience should come first, and by that I mean, content tailored to different platforms, where the audience habits organically and therefore taking user journeys into consideration when creating a story universe.

Did your work change within the last years?

Very much, I started off a a screenwriter, writing for a single screen, then started writing for multiple screens and digital, adapted a consumer first (content tailored for audiences) approach and ended up in strategy.

Are/Were there any obstacles yet that you’d wish to find some others to help you with?

Selling an argument for transmedia planning to clients, who are looking for innovative comms strategies but end up choosing to go down the same old conservative route of communications. Watering down of transmedia content.

What kind of contacts would be helpful for you to find? Why?

All industry contacts, especially film/tv & games industry.

How to get in contact with Selim Pekin Güngör:

Based in:
10967 Berlin

E-Mail: selim (dot) gungor (at) gmx (dot) net



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Photo-Credits: Selim Pekin Güngör, All Rights reserved