Usually we write our articles in German, but not today. You want to know why? That is very easy to answer. In no more than ten days there will be the official beginning of the international StoryMOOC The Future Of Storytelling. If you haven’t heard about it yet, you can watch the preview-trailer to learn about what it is and what you will get out of it. You will also be happy about hearing that enrolling to this storyMOOC is totally free – as education should be.

So what are you waiting for? Take part and be one of the many participants in The Future Of Storytelling – Storytelling.

But wait! What is a MOOC?

First of all MOOC is an abbreviation that stands for Massive Open Online Course. These courses ususally allow anybody to participate in this way of online education.

All the needed materials like videos, test forms and such things are delivered online while the course is running.

In the instructional videos you will get to know certain aspects of the topics of the MOOC which is similar to when you are going to take part in an course at a university. The difference is that you don’t have to travel far to the university each day any more, because with a MOOC you just open your browser and open the MOOC’s page in it.

As for the StoryMOOC the course is set up with many professionals and experts from the field of modern storytelling. They will give insights to their various works and talk about how the storytelling may have changed by the many new ways the new media has provided us with. You will get to know examples and projects of storytelling with apps, locations, transmedia and much more. So make sure that you are enrolled in this great storyMOOC to start into the Future Of Storytelling.