The next StoryFusion meetup will take place on May 9th at 19:30 at the Digital Eatery – Unter den Linden, once again with the friendly support of Microsoft.

Storyfusion meetup #4 will feature Maria Grau-Stenzel of Honig Studios, the independant, Berlin-based game development studio.

Honig Studios has risen to fame on the back of its award-winning games and partnerships. They have worked on the Emmy award winning transmedia storytelling project “Netwars”, movie tie-ins such as “Richard the Stork”, edutainment projects, as well as many games of their own, such as the ridiculously gorgeous “Impossible Bottles” and the upcoming “El Hijo”

Honig Studios’ award-winning producer Maria Grau-Stenzel is going to join us for a hefty dose of inspiration with a 10-minute lightning talk about the current development state of “El Hijo”, as well as the role of storytelling & narrative design in the production process.

“El Hijo” is a spaghetti western, indie stealth game, currently in development at Honig Studios. The game is set in a mythical place of the 19th century that very much resembles the American west, as we know it from Sergio Leone‘s westerns, taking some of its most popular characteristics of outlaw gangs, saloons, cunning, sarcasm, irony, etc.

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See you there!
Chris, Doro, Julian, Patrick and Philipp