Our friends at Netzdoku, the meet-up for innovative new formats in documentary and journalism, are proud to present an interactive screening of “The Maribor Uprisings” on April 19th, 19:30 at the SPEKTRUM Berlin.

“The Maribor Uprisings” is a documentary about a protest movement in the city of Maribor, Slovenia.

The protest began when a new system to detect speeding was installed in Maribor. Soon it became apparent that the city’s mayor was deeply involved with the company who had installed the system and which took most of its profits. Protests broke out and the local authorities attempted to suppress them.

In response a video collective formed on the side of the protesters and began to cover their side of the story. The directors Maple Rasza and Milton Guillén used the material the collective shot and transformed it into the interactive experience “The Maribor Uprisings”.


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The documentary has met lots of success world-wide and received numerous prizes for its innovative, interactive approach to recreate a leaderless protest movement. Thanks to Netzdoku, it will now be screened in Berlin.

As in other screenings of the documentary, this one include the participation of the audience and an overall conversation about the creation and the topics of the film.

The screening and the conversation will be in English.
Further details can be found on the Netzdoku website.