Everyone has one, so now we do as well: A podcast!

So we are very proud to announce the upcoming Storyfusion podcast. In the making ever since we rebranded from our old TMSB moniker (Rest in peace!), we have looked forward to introducing our podcast with a heavy focus on storytelling, storytelling techniques, and new formats.

Each episode of the podcast will focus on one story and how it is told in its chosen media. Thus the podcast will cover books, movies, games, online experiences, graphic novels, apps and much more. Focussing on techniques, conceptual ideas, and analysis, the podcast addresses an audience of storytellers, creators, content producers and all those who are curious about new formats and the latest experiments out there. Occasionally we will throw in a classic for a change.

Your hosts will be Dorothea Martin, producer, publisher and creator of story worlds, and Philipp Zimmermann, writer, narrative designer and comic book collector. The podcast hosts will do their best at speaking English.

As we are very interested in getting other people’s feedback and suggestions, the podcast will pick up and discuss stories suggested by you. Once the podcast has launched we will offer a possibility to submit these suggestions and – of course – we will also attempt to answer your questions about storytelling if you have any.

The first episodes of the StoryFusion podcast will be available soon. Coming to as many platforms as we can put it on.